Health Fairs Can Drive Patients Into Your Clinic and Enhance Your Credibility!

Participation in local health fairs/expos is a great way to further educate people about your specialty or procedures!

Health Fairs can be an excellent way to increase your visibility as an expert in your field.

Have you ever attended a community or hospital health fair? If so, I’m sure that you noticed an active engaged group of attendees who are all interested in their health. Health fairs/expos may be promoted by Hospitals, Radio Stations, Television Stations, Community Groups, Hospitals or Health Clubs; and often, you can get free or low cost advertising associated with these events.

Most health fairs will give you a six foot folding table and a back drop. The most effective use of this set up is to position the table towards the back of the booth and stand in front to greet your future patients. Set up a TV/VCR and play a procedure or practice video if you have one available; and always have information (handouts or patient brochures) available for people to take with them. Also, have a permanent banner made to use at these events; this will increase your exposure to attendees!

For the tabletop, plan on having the following:

· Several colorful practice or procedure posters mounted on core board with an easel backing.

· Brightly colored candy to sprinkle around the tabletop

· A glass bowl for a free dinner drawing, along with registration cards

The free dinner drawing is a great way to develop a mailing list for follow up. As you get the attendees to sign up, always put a small mark on the sign up cards for those participants who actually have the condition you treat. This will make your follow up much more effective. In addition, if you have free patient screenings, always mention this to the attendees, and give them an opportunity to pre-register!

Remember that you might not always leave the health fair with a lot of new patients; but don’t be discouraged. The long term benefit of name recognition will pay off in time.

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